Bihar Board Class 12 English Paragraph Writing

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Bihar Board Class 12 English Paragraph Writing

1. An ideal Teacher

Mr. Munilal Sinha is an ideal teacher. He is our class-teacher also. He has all the qualities of an ideal teacher. He is very punctual and a strict disciplinarian. He teaches English and Hindi and prepares students for the broad examination. As soon as he comes to our class, he goes round the class¬room to see it is clean. Then he takes roll-call. Then he starts teaching and explaining the lesson well. Outside the class-room, he is very kind and generous. He is always well dressed and never allows any student without uniform. He is respected by teacher, students and guardians because of his ideal qualities.

2. Your Neighbour

I live at Rampur (Nalanda). It is a big village. Mr. Akhileshwar Mahto is my neighbour. He lives just beside my house. He is a teacher. He is an M. A. in Sociology. He is very grave and gentle. Once my father was seriously ill. He daily come to my house. He helped us with money also. He is a good friend, philosopher and guide to us. He has got two sons and a daughter. They are all well behaved. His wife is very noble and gentle. We call her auntie. He is an ideal neighbour.

3. Advantages of living in a town

Town life may have many limitation but its advantages are also great. Modern facilities are within reach. Electricity, water and transport are easily available. Roads are better. Houses are made comfortable. All towns have schools and colleges. There are big hospitals. All kinds of things can be had. It is easier for people to earn .a living. Children have parks to play. Students can go to good libraries. Clubs, playgrounds, etc. help young men in growing up well. So they develop a modem outlook. Yougmen and women are smarter and bolder. Good doctors can be called, in case someone falls ill. In short, town life has both glamour and comfort.

4. Health is wealth

Health is wealth is an old saying. A healthy person is able to produce all wealth for himself and for others. Not only this but he can also enjoy wealth and produce more. Suppose a man has a first class master’s degree, but he has no health. He catches cold. He catches flu. He has T. B . and other such diseases. How can he produce wealth and enjoy it ? Health depends on correct living, pure water and fresh air. It also depends on good food, necessary rest and equally necessary physical work or exercise. If a man cares for all these and has limited desires, he can maintain good health. Then he can produce more wealth and he can enjoy it.

5. Morning walk

Walking is a good exercise. Every one can practise it without any trouble. It brings energy. We can walk both the times, morning and evening. Morning walk is the better of the two. Evening walk is also very useful. It is a very good habit. For this, every one has to get up very early in the morning. He can soon start for the bank of a river, a canal or a pond. He may go to a park in a town. There he gets fresh air. He sees the sun rise. They are very useful to health. His mind gets fresh. He can work very peacefully all day long. Walking costs is nothing. We may walk with our friends and relatives. Our talks should be healthy then. Evening walk also brings sound sleep in the night.

6. The season h ike most

Spring is the best season of the year. It is called the queen of the season. The earth looks very beautiful in this season. Different kinds of flower bloom in the spring. The smiling flowers give us a lot of joy. They make us forget our cares and anxieties. When we walk in the garden we are filled with joy. The cuckoo is mad with joy. Its sweet notes charm us. The days of the spring are very pleasant. The spring brings beautiful sights and charming sounds. It is the season of joy. That is why I like most spring season.

7. The importance of newspaper or Newspaper

Newspapers are necessary for people. A newspaper is must. It plays an important role in the society. It is useful to many ways. It brings us news, people wait for it eagerly in the morning. It is a kind of mental food. Some people read a newspaper for its views. There is comment on current topics in a newspaper. There are articles written by learned persons. Somebody reads a newspaper for advertisement for jobs. There are literary articles. A newspaper covers sports, business, politics etc. It enlightens the public.

8. Aim of your life

The aim of my life is to become a professor, I want to study hard. I like to go England or America for higher education. If I get a job there, I shall accept it. I want to work hard and make name in the world. But I do not want to live in a foreign country. I shall return to India. I like a peaceful and happy life. I want to love and educate my children. I want to earn money. I want to spend some of it on poor people. If I have more and more money, I shall spend more and more on them. In the end I want to serve the people and the nation. This is the aim of my life.

9. A Popular student of your school

I read in Nalanda Collegiate Senior Secondary High school, Bihar Sarif, Nalanda. There are one thousand four hundred students in this school. All are good. But Suresh Mishra is the most popular student of my school. He is very intelligent and deligent. He is tall and handsome. He always stands first in his class. He is very obedient, social, noble, brave and patient. He takes and active part in the game and sports of the school. He is good player of cricket and football specially. He is never absent from the class. All teachers love him most. He is certainly an ideal student.

10. Winter season

Winter is an important season. It starts in November and lasts upto to February. Days are short and nights are long in this season. The days of winter are very fine. We like to sit in the sun and warm our body. On the other hand the nights are cold. We need warm clothes in this season. Water is a season of fruits and flowers. We find many varieties of flowers in this season. This season is good for health. But the poor do not like this season because many of them do not have proper clothes to fight cold.

11. Importance of games and sports

Games and sports are an important part of our life. They keep us healthy. They refresh our weary minds. They are useful both for our mind and body. Physically we become healthy, mentally we become disciplined. They give us courage and make us alert. They make us bold and confident. They develop in us a spirit of co-operation. They teach us to fight in a healthy spirit. A sportsman fights with his rival in the playground. But he has no ill will against him. Thus games and sports help to make us good citizens. Our education is incomplete without games and sports. The government of India is encouraging games and sports in educational institutions.

12. Early rising

There are many advantages of early rising. A man who rises early has more hours for walk. So, he can produce more, earn more and live more happily. A man who gets up late hates himself. He is hated by others, too. Rise early and you are the master of your programme. Get up late and you are late in everything. You are late to Nature’s call, late in bath, late in breakfast and late for your lesson. So, you are a loser. We must try to go to bed early and try to get up early. Early rising is really a very nice thing.

13. The beggar

Beggars can be seen at every public place in India. They are found at railway station, bus stand, picture homes, market place and footpath. He is a very poor person. His dress is dirty and tom. Some are blind, Some are lame, Some cannot even stand but have to crawl on their hands and feet. He has a bag with him. He has a bowl too. Some have stick with them. The beggar begs alms. Some sing pleasant songs. Beggar’s life depends upon the charity. Begging is a crime. They should not be encouraged. In our country there is a gang of unsocial elements. They force little children to beg. They exploit these children. There is no one to take care of beggars.

14. A visit to a circus

It was a happy day. We went to see the great circus. Outside the great top, people were busy buying tickets and gettign in. Inside, the gallery was full. The show started. Artists in colourful dresses showed great feats. Brave acts in air, bold tricks on tight ropes, and the joker all these were amusing. Then came animals. Goats on lion’s back, dogs on horses and the big elephant worshipping Lord Ganesh, how well the animals were trained. Then came the girls doing wonder on bicycles. The man with eyes covered threw knives at a girl. The jeep and motor cycles were exciting. Three hours passed quickly. It was a time full of surprise and joy. How bold and disciplined are the circus men !

15. The postman

The postman is an important employee of the postal department. He is one of the most useful public servant. He wears a khaki uniform. He carries a bag with him. He carries letters, money orders and parcels in it. He brings news and money to us. His duty is very hard. He goes to the post office in the morning. He sorts out the dak for the different areas. He goes from door to door to deliver letters, money orders and parcels. He is not highly educated still he does his duty properly. He is a very honest man. Every one awaits his arrival, though sometimes he brings sad news also. He is a low paid employee though he performs essential duties. We pay him some tips for bringing happy and good news.

16. Television

Television is one of the wonders of science. It is a source of joy and knowledge, information and entertainment. Television is the product of the latest electronic revolution. The names of John. Baird of England and Jenking of America are associated with television. They first of all succeeded in transmitting moving pictures in 1923. It was in 1936 that a public television system was introduced in London. It started with black and white.

Now-a-days coloured television is popular. It is a powerful audio-visual medium. It is seen in all towns and big cities. It has a status-symbol also. It is useful for the people. Its programmes cover a variety of interest. It has great education value too. We learn a lot about development of science, agriculture and medicine.

17. Your school

I read in Senior Secondary High School Machhil, Jahanabad. It is one of the oldest school in the district. It has a good reputation for its teaching and discipline. The headmaster is a kind and learned man. Most of the teachers are very learned and experienced. My class teacher Mr. B. K. Verma is a good disciplinarian. But he is kind too and has love for students. The building of my school is simple, but its campus is calm and calm. Five hundred boys and girls read in this school. Most of the students get first division in the Secondary School Examination. There is a provision for games and sports. All games are played. We take part in it. Annual function is held every year. Good students are rewarded. There is a small garden in front of the school. We are proud of our school.

18. Indian farmer

India is a land of villages. Most of the people here live in villages. Our country is an agricultural country. But the condition of the farmer is miserable. An Indian farmer has a hard life. He lives in a village. Most of the Indian farmers are illiterate. They follow the old method of farming. An Indian farmer gets a low return from his field. His farming depends on nature. Sometimes he has to face flood and drought. He is often in debt. He has to work in hot summer, cold winter and heavy rains. He gets up early and feed his bullocks. He goes to the field with his bullocks. He is not able to get two times meal. The government should pay attention to the defects of the farmers.

19. The book i like most

Books are the treasure of knowledge. They are of much use to us, I have read many books but I like the Bhagwat Gita most. It is a part of the Mahabharat. Lord Krishna throrugh this Bhagwad Gita preached Arjuna. Arjuna did not like to fight in the battle-field. He was disillusioned. Lord Krishna gave him the message of Nishkam karma. He told him that a man must go on doing his duty without any motive to fulfil his desires. He told Arjuna that the soul is immortal whereas this body is perishable. Thus he should not get worried about the death of Drona and Bhishma. Thus the immortality of soul has been very well presented in the Gita. It has rich philosophy. It gives us peace of mind.

20. My school garden

My school has a beautiful garden. The garden is surrounded by the school building. There are many kinds of flowers and plants. There is a gardener also.

He looks after the garden. But students also take care of it. During S. U. P. W. period we water the plants. We also weed out unwanted growth. But trimming and cutting is done by the gardenr. Our teachers and the Headmaster also take keen interest in gardening. There are seasonal as well as evergreen plants. In winter and spring, the garden is beautiful to look at. There are numerous flowers. They dance with the waves of the wind. The garden adds much to the grandeur of our school building. Therefore, our school is called an island of excellence.

21. Picnic

A picnic is a pleasant affairs, some young boys meet. They buy raw food- slaff Ecery thing for lighter feasting is sarried to a selected spot. This spot is a river bank, Forest areas or hilly tops. The selected members or boys go to the selected spot. They begin to prepare food. They eat it. Then they start to sing a song, Play musical instrument and dance. A variety of entertainment is the special features of a picnic, if removes the dulles and monotony of life. It also bring people closer than before. It develops co-operative view. It develops the idea that self help is the best help. It increases the power of tolerance and regard to each other. It gives a new energy and zeal.

22. Your hobby

Every man has got a hobby. My hobby is to read religious books. There are a number of religious books. Of all these books. I like the Ramayan, the Quoran, the Gita, the Mahabharat and the Bible. All of them are full of lessons. They teach us to be good. They are full of Science, Arts, Philosphy and what not. I have learnt much from them and quote their lines time to time to bring about some changes in men. I always attend some religious meetings and listen to the lectures of speeches of great scholars. I put up before them some doubts if any and try to get satisfied with their explanations. I have got full faith in God who has created us and he alone gives us everything for our comforts. I love all who have been created by God. God loves all equally. I go to religious places.

23. Rainy season

The rainy season has got a very important place in our agriculture production. All the food crops depend upon rain. The rainy season starts in the middle of June and last upto August. Sometimes in lasts in the middle of October. Nature present very charming sights in this season. There is water everywhere. Roads and fields are full of water. Farmers are very happy. Rain is essential for all kinds of life and plants all dirty things are washed away. Plants put up new leaves. Some time it rains too much. Then there is flood. It is very fearful. Farmers begin tilling the lands and planting paddy and other crops. So the rainy season is very useful for us.

24. Your headmaster or principal

Mr. Sheo Ratan Pandey is the Headmaster of our school. He wears dhoti and kurta. He is trained M.A. His knowledge is deep. He teaches well. He is a good manager. He keeps the school neat and clean. He has a strong sense of discipline. He obeys rules. Other follow him. So there is peace in the school. Good boys love him. Teachers respected him. People honour him. He punishes bad boy. To spare the rod is to spoil the child. He knows it. Some times he takes the classes. He inspires his teachers for better performance in the class. He is man of plain living and high thinking.

25. The village fair

The fair is generally held in a big, spacious place, outside a village. It is connected by roads leading to all the neighbouring village. It is held on some religious occasions. Shopkeepers from town and village come there to sell their commodities. All the shops are arranged in rows. Vast crowds gather to see the fair and buy things. The fair also provides many kinds of amusements to the villagers. The cinema, the circus, magic shows etc. given them a good deal of entertainment. Women and children all enjoy these shows. The village fair is a necessity for the villagers. It gives an occasion to them to meet friends and relatives.

26. Your village

I live in a village. Its name is Pratappur. It is in the district of Saran. My village is situated on the road side. There are six thousand people in my village. Most of the villagers are farmer. My village has a good library. There are few shops and a small market in my village also. There is a Middle School a High school and newly open college for girls also in my village. About 60% of populations of my village is educated. There is a health centre with very good doctor in my village. Life in the village is simple with little comfort. But people are friendly. They are free from evil habits. Our village people live away from the evils of city life. I like my village. It’s atmosphere is very good.

27. National flag

Flag has got a very important place in the life of a nation. It is a symbol of freedom. Almost all nations have their own flags. After 1947 when India became free from the British rule, tehn it has acepted tri-colours flag. Our national flag has three colours—saffron, white and green. The saffron colour at the top stands for service and sacrifice. The white colour in the middle stands for truth, purity and peace. The green colour at the bottom stands for faith, prosperity and energy. In the middle of white colour there is the Ashoka Chakra which shows that virtues never die. our national flag is our glory. It shows that we are independent. So we have to protect and honour the national flag.

28. A railway station

A railway station is very important for the development. It is cheap and useful means of transportation. The railway station of my town is small. But most of trains of this root stop at this station. At the time of arrival of a train there is a big rush I always go to the station and see the big crowd. There are howkers on the platform who sell fruits, tea and other commodities. There are also some coolies for helping the passengers in carrying their luggage. I see there is a long queue at the booking counter for tickets. My house is near the station. So I feel some disturbance. There is always hue and cry from the morning till late night.

29. The ganga

The Ganga is the most sacred river in the world. Its water is pure. There are many important cities on its banks. The Ganga rises from the Himalayas and flows to the south. The ganga is about 2,410 kilometres long. Its end is in the bay of Bengal. Its banks are always full of people in the morning and evening where people are bathing, praying and giving charity to the needy persons. We believe that after taking a bath in its holy water our sins will be perished. Hindus wish to die at its banks. The land on both sides of the rivers is fertile. The Ganga is full of water all the year. So it is very helpful in our agriculture also. Bathing in the Ganga is good for health also, on religious occasions people come to take bathe in the holy water. It is so sacred that people call it goddess mother.

30. Travelling is a means of education

Education through travelling is the best play-way method. From the moment the journey is planned, children begin to pass sleepless nights. They go on asking their parents when to start. We see new places-historical, geographical, zoological and botanical. A geography lesson may be bomig. But it becomes clear to us whenwe see rivers, mountains etc with our own eyes. Museums, zoological gardens, monuments, coins and picture galleries give us a clear idea of history. We learn manners and behaviour intrains, in hotel, and from fellow passengers through-travelling we leam many things through travelling what we cannot leam in the class-rdom so, travelling is a means of education.

31. Advantages of self study

Self study means the study of the self, by the self and for the self in actual sense of the term. But popularly by self study we mean studies on one’s own through library books or other resources. We cannot inject any amount of knowledge into student’s veins. But they should try to to gain knowledge by the use of observations through their five sense organs. Self study can be done further by reading more and more wisely-written book. Periodicals, weeklies and daily newspapers are there to help us in our self-study. It is much better source of having a background to prepare than the coaching done in masses, in schools and colleges. Self-study enriches our knowledge and also makes us self-confident and self-reliant in life.

32. The importance of student life

Students life is the golden period of life. A student has to make use of it in the best possible way. He has to learn from books, From the family and from the society. He must learn from schools and colleges. He should learn how to live and let others live. He should develop his mind. But he should not neglect his body. He should also develop a sense of duty to our maker. He has to prepare his lessons and take part in games and sports. He should realise that student life is a time for preparation for the rest of life. Hence, it is very important period. In a nut shell it can be said that student life is not a bed of roses but a bed of thorns.

33. Cinema

Cinema is very common now. The cinema has many advantages. It is one of the gifts of science. A film presents the drama of human life. We see new places, big rivers and high mountains in a film. We find in a film what we read on the pages of the book of History, Geography or Science. We learn many other things from a film. Thus teaching pictures is more lasting in the memory A film is a cheap means of entertainment. It gives us Pleasures. It removes our dullness. Beatiful scenes, sweet songs, heart touching music and thrilling dances take us to different world. And for the some time we forget the world around us. These are some of the advantages of the Cinema.

34. Pet animals or domestic animals

God made both men and animals. Some animals are wild; some are domestic. The domestic animals live with or near us. They serve out needs some way or the other. We have the cow, the buffalo and the goat. We have the horse. In the past, people went to distant places on horseback. Even today we ride on the horse. The elephant is very useful to us. The dog is a friend to man. It is faithful to its master. It takes care of him and his property. The cat is another domestic animal which likes to live in the house. It kills rats and plays with children. Monkeys live in trees but help us in different ways. So, all the domestic animals serve us; help us and make our life easy and comfortable.

35. Time is money / the value of time

Money can be paid back but time can never be regained. Time is the most valuable thing in the world. Time that is lost is lost for ever. Anything can wait but time does not wait for anyone. So, we must try to make the best use of time. If we utilise time in a proper way, we can get success in all walks of life. A student who uses his time well fares well at the examination. Time is more important than money. If the train runs late, thousands of passengers waste their time. If time is wasted, all the plans and projects get delayed and the nation has to suffer. We often hear the phrase ‘Indian time’. We should hang our head in shame because even hours have no meaning for us. Let us understand the value of time and get what we really deserve. In fact, time is money.

36. There isanyslip between the cupandthelip

This proverb deals with a situation where we expect to achieve something which may not be achieved ultimately. In our life sometimes it happens that we come to the point of getting our object but in the meantime Somethings happens which upsets our aim, we never imagine that something untoward would happen. So, we should always have their thing in our mind that we should not be over sure of anything, unless we get thing in our hand. We should not exultant. If we keep this thing in oUr mind. We will never feel disappointed in life.

37. Truth alone Triumphs

This saying lays emphasis on the value of truth in life. It is very difficult to follow truth because the path of truth is full of with difficulties. To be false is easier than to be true. Most of us follow the easy path. It requires strength of character to follow truth. To follow truth is paustaking. We are often beared by instant gain in life. We have no patience to see the result of truth. It requires Persererance. In the beginning. Falsehood seems to be victorious but this victory is short lived. The ultimate victory lies with truth. Truth never fails. Falsehood succeeds only temporarily.

38. Astttchin time Savesnine

This proverb is a good lesson for us. It teaches us that we ought to save one and it must double one day. It is our folly to thing that one has got no value before mine. Unless we save one we can’t get nine. What a fine instance was put up here our shirt is as it tom, westitch if then and there we go on using it for some time. If we don’t take any action, the wore shirt will tom to pieces very soon. Nothing is triffling A piece of strand has got some value. It saves our life some times Nothing should be allowed to be wasted. Take care of everything under your possession.

39. Don’t Bewise only after the event

This saying deals with a situation where we learn only after experience. Not all of us are wise people. A wiseman is motivated by his wisdom. He never earns. An ordinary man seldom takes wise decision people learn from experience. Experience is our teacher. It is not possible that everybody of us will be rise at all hours. Though we all cannot be rise, we can take caution to avoid false step. To be wise before the event is certainly better than as to the wise after the event.

40. The duties of your class monitor

Our class monitor has some duties. He maintains the class in absence of the teather. He takes roll-call if the class teacher in absent. He leads his companions to the assembly spot. There he has to make us fall in line quickly. It is his duty to maintain discipline in the class. He sees that students sit on their allotted seats. If two students quarrel, the monitor settles the matter. If any student disobeys him, he reports to the class teacher of the Headmaster. In the period of games, he takes us out to the playground. His name is Anuj. All of us love him. It makes his job easier. The monitor is next to our class teachers for us.

41. Importance of Discipline

Discipline is easy to recognise but difficult to define. It influences every thing that we do in our life. In fact, we never succeed unless we work with a sense of discipline. We move orderly. We act with respect for rules. We follow a system. In fact, discipline is a way of life. That is why it is best learnt in childhood, at home and in school. Study and games both require a sense of discipline. A disciplined society lives in peace. National discipline is necessary for progress. Nature is the best teacher for learning discipline. Discipline is the key to success in every sphere of life. If is also the product of love and peace. We can not force it down on anyone. It flows out of love and regard for rules.

42. Educational value of travelling

Education through travelling is the best play-way method. From the moment the journey is planned, children begin to pass sleepless nights. They go on asking their parents when to start. We see new places historical, geographical, zoological and botanical. A geography lesson may be homing. But it becomes clear to us when we see rivers, mountains etc. with our own eyes. Museums, zoological gardens, monuments, coins and picture galleries give us a clear idea of history. We learn manners and behaviour in trains, in hotels and from fellow passengers through travelling. We learn many things through travelling what we cannot learn in the class-room so travelling is means of education.

43. The game you like most or. my favourite game

Of all the games, I like football most. It is an outdoor game. It is played between twenty two players; eleven in each side. Here is one refree. He refrees the play. All have to obey him. No body can go against his order. He is our master there. This play is an education. ‘It is a ball of discipline, obedience, health, manners and what not. All have to remain cautious all the time. No body can deceive any one here. It is a very good play for our recreation and health. It is a part of education. Recreation is also a part of education. ‘We ought to play it regularly. It is an international game.

44. A great national leader

India has produced a number of great men. Out of all, Mahatma Gandhi is one of them. Of course Mahatma Gandhi was a great leader of India. He was bom on 2nd October, 1869 in Gujarat. He was great right from his childhood. He worked for the freedom of India. He was sent of jail several times. He was kicked and beaten by the British rulers. ButGandhiji wanted India’s is freedom in peaceful way. He was a simple man. He believed in love, truth and non¬violence. He loved all men as his brothers. He worked for the good of Hadzans and other poor people He was killed by NaturanT Godse on 30th January, 1948. His body died but his soul is not dead. Even today he is loved and respected all over the world.

45. The work of street hawker

Street hawkers are a common sight in town. But some of them go into villages too. They sell fruits, vegetables, toys, ice-cream, cosmetics and utensils etc., they bring these necessities of life at our door-steps. They attract their customers by singing and shouting loudly. Their margin of profit is civins. Their articles are cheaper than those sold in big shops. They save us from the trouble of going to distant market. They do not cheat the customers who are known to them. They earn their living by hard labour and honest dealings. They are carring heavy load on head on the day. Their work is hard and arduous. Some hawkers cheat the customers by selling inferior goods. They are expert in hanggling and bargaining. They are useful members of the society.

46. Rickshaw-puller

The life of rickshaw puller is generally miserable. His poor health and tattered clothes tell the story of his wants and miseries. He leads a hard life He works hard from dawn to dusk but he can not live in comfort He pulls the rickshaw in hot, summer, cold winter and heavy rains. In spite of his hard labour he does not earn much His income is small but he has to maintain his family on that income He always runs the risk of being knocked down by speeding truck. He may falla prey to fatal diseaees. He has little money to take care of himself in his illness. How miserable the life of the rickshaw-puller is!

47. A football match

Last week a football natch was played between our school and Town High School, Monghyr. It was played in the playground of our school. The play started at 4 P.M. The match was an exciting one. At the on set the lplayers. were offensive. Our school players passed forward with the half of the centre forward. After abou ten minutes both the teams started playing vigorously. The goal keeper of ’ oth the teams had a very hard time to defend the goal posts. At last our school team scored a goal and defeated the town High school by one goal to nil. Everyone in the side clapped out of joy. The match was thrilling and interesting all along. It was Ramu one of our five towards whose brilliant shot decided the fate. Our Principal was pleased for see the game. He hosted a dinner to all players and teachers of the school in the night.

48. Independence day

India got freedom on August 15, 1947. So August 15th is called the independence day of India. It is a red letter day in the history of India. The British rule came to an end on this day. We got independence after a long struggle. Thousands of people lost their life in the battle for independence. We fought for our freedom under the able leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. He led our freedom movement.

A galaxy of Indian leaders like Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Gopal Krishna Gokhle, Subhash Chandra Bose, Motilal Nehru, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Jay Prakash Narayan, Acharya Nrendra Deo, Lala Lajpat Roy and others sacrified a lot for the independence of our country. As the day is a memorable day in the history of India it is celebrated all over the country with great enthusiasm. It is national holiday. The national flag is hoisted on all Government buildings in the country. A big public meeting is held in Delhi. The Prime Minister, unfurls the national flag at the Red Fort. Great homage is paid to those who laid down their lives for the freedom of the country. We should protect our hard won freedom at any costs. The 15th August brings a message for us. It is a message of great sacrifice for the country.

49. The barber

A barber is a person whose trade is shaving and hair cutting. In India, a barber is a necessary and important part of the society. This is more or less a specialized profession which goes by heredity. Every person needs a hair cut from time to time. These days there are luxurious saloons in cities for people of means. The barbers owing saloons call themselves hair-dressers. Nowa-days there are hair-dressing saloons for ladies also. They are being called beauty parlours. But for the large number of common men, there are the road – side barbers. Road-side barbers serve the laboureres and the commoners at cheaper rates. The barber serve the society on ceremony, sacred thread ceremony, marriage ceremony and shradh ceremonies.

50. A village market

The place where things are brought and sold is called a market. The village market is very important for villagers. It is not permanent. It is held twice or thrice a week. It fulfills the needs of several adjoining villages. It is held in an open place where hundreds of people gather to buy and sell their articles. The day is a busy day for the villagers on the market day there is great activity in the villages. Small traders and businessmen come to he market with their articles. The villagers also bring their own products for sale. As there are not any permanent stall for the venders. Most of them sit on the ground with their things of sale. There are rows for different articles. Articles of daily necessities are only sold there. Food grains, vegetables, seeds, clothe agriculture implements utensils and many other things of their needs are sold there. It is a meeting place for many villagers, women also participate in it. It is a boon for villagers. They sell their home made products there. They do not got to the near by towns or cities for these things of their needs. Fish and meat markets have their special attraction.

51. The washerman

The washerman is a useful member of our society as he washes our clothes. He works hard from dawn to dusk but he does not earn much. He collects dirty clothes from different houses. He boils them in a solution of water and soda for some time. Then he takes them to a river or tank and washes them. He spreads them in the sun for drying. Then he irons the washed clothes and returns them to their owners. In spite of his hard labour he does not earn a lot of money. So his condition is miserable. He has little money to maintain his family.

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