Bihar Board Class 9 English Paragraph Writing

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Bihar Board Class 9 English Paragraph Writing

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Write a paragraph in about 80 or 100 words on the following:

1. The Indian Farmer
The life of the Indian farther is very hard. He has to work hard from dawn to dusk. He does not care for the inclemencies of the weather. He may be seen working in his fields in the burning sun and the biting cold. Sometimes he has to work at night, too. He hardly gets two square meals a day. He cannot enjoy the pleasures of life. He is always in debt. The yield of crops is very poor because he still carries on his cultivation by old methods. He depends mainly on rain for water. His only sources of income is agriculture. So, the failure of crops ruins him. He is so steeped in poverty, ignorance and superstition that he cannot improve his lot.

2. Newspapers or The Importance of Newspaper
Newspapers are very useful in modem life. They are the source of both information and entertainment. They give us information about the latest events in the world. They offer comments on current events and enable us to form our own opinions on national and international problems. Every reader gets some materials for himself in newspapers. They give a lot of information about films, sports, books and market prices. Those who are in search of jobs find advertisements for various jobs in newspapers. Besides, the reading of a newspaper improves our language. Thus, we can say that newspapers are a part of our daily life.

3. The Postman
The postman is the most useful public servant. He works in the post-office. He does a great service to us. We cannot do without him. We all become happy to see him. He brings letters to us from our friends and relations. He also brings parcels and money-orders to us. Sometimes he brings us happy telegrams about our success. He works all the year-round. He moves from door to door in sun and rain. He knows every person in his area. Everyone awaits his arrival, though sometimes he brings sad news also. We do not have to go to the post-office for our letters. The postman himself comes to us.

4. The Rickshaw-puller
The life of the rickshaw-puller is generally miserable. His poor health and tattered clothes tell die the story of his wants and miseries. He leads a hard life. He works hard from dawn to dusk but he cannot live in comfort. He pulls the rickshaw in the scorching sun, biting cold and heavy rain. In spite of his hard labour, he does not earn much. His income is small but has to maintain his family on that income. He always runs the risk of being knocked down by a speeding truck. He may fall prey to fatal diseases. He has little money to take care of himself in his illness. How miserable the life of the rickshaw puller is!

5. The Washerman
The washerman is a useful member of society as he washes our clothes. He works hard from dawn to dusk but he does not earn much. He collects dirty clothes from different houses. He boils them in a solution of water and soda for some time. Then he takes them to a river or tank and washes them. He spreads them in the sun for drying. Then he irons the washed clothes and returns them to his customers. In spite of his hard labour, he does not earn much. So, his condition is miserable.

6. Beggars
In India, beggars can be seen at public places. Wherever we go to the railway station or to a bus-stop, we are sure to meet them. They present a very pathetic sight. They present an image of poverty. Wrapped in rags, they move about with begging bowls in their hands. Some of them are lame, some are blind and some are deaf and dumb. They are generally physically disabled and neglected. It is really a pathetic sight. They arouse our pity. One wonders how misery and sufferings have reduced them to their pitiable condition. It is our duty to help them as much as we can.

7. Street Hawkers
Street hawkers are a common sight: They are found in lanes, streets, railway platform and bus-stands. They move from place to place from dawn to dusk. They may be seen carrying baskets on their heads or their wares in a trolley. They deal in all sorts of things which we use in our daily life. They are indeed like walking shops. They attract their customers by advertising their goods in a charming way. Sometimes they sing songs in praise of their wares. It is difficult to resist the temptation to buy the things they sell. They do not lose heart if they fail to find customers. Their smiling faces show their optimism.

8. The Policeman
The policeman has to do a very hard job. He is always watchful and vigilant. He has to obey the orders of his superiors without any murmur. He must not fear the sun, the rain or the cold weather. He detects crimes and arrests criminals. He goes out on rounds at night in his area to see if bad characters are out to commit a crime. His main duty is to protect life and property. He is responsible for peace and safety in his area. Sometimes his life is in danger. In big towns, policemen also control the traffic and thus prevent accidents.

9. Your favourite teacher
Shri R. B. Roy is the best teacher of my school. He is very generous and kind-hearted. He is a great scholar. He is a veij efficient teacher. He teaches English and Hindi in top classes. He. mikes his lessons very interesting. Rarely a boy is found absent from hieclass. It is a pleasure to attend his classes. He is a very strict disciplinarian. There is pindrop silence in his class. But at the same time he is very sympathetic and affectionate in his behaviour. He seldom loses his temper. He is always impartial. So, he commands our love and respect.

10. A Village Fair
A village fair is almost like a periodical market. Most of the villages are far from towns. So, the village fair serves the needs of villagers. It is generally held in a big spacious place outside a village. A central site is chosen so that other neighbouring villages may not be very far from it. Stalls which are temporarily erected are arranged in rows. Shopkeepers from towns and villages hire those stalls. They bring various kinds of things for display and sale. Vast crowds gather to see and buy things. The cinema, circus, magic shows, etc., visit these village fairs to entertain the crowd. A fair is a place where villagers meet their friends and relatives. The village fair lasts for.about a week.

11. A Village Market
The village market is a place where people gather to buy and sell things. People from nearby villages also visit this market. There are a few permanent shops in the market. But we find a good number of temporary shops there. Most of the shopkeepers pile their things on the grounds. They sell grains, vegetables, fish, coarse cloth, stationery, utensils, sweets and agricultural implements. There is a lot of noise in the village market. It is difficult to settle the price of a thing because of bargaining. A person who visits the market for die first time may be easily swindled. Though the market is full of noise, dust and disorder, it is very useful to villagers.

12. My Favourite Book Or, The Book You Like Most
Books are the treasure of knowledge. I have read many books but I like Bhagwad Gita most. It is a part of the Mahabharat. Lord Krishna through this Bhagwat Gita preached Arjuna. Arjuna did not like to fight in the battle-field. Lord Krishna gave him the message of Niskam KarrmHe told him that a man must go on doing his duty without any motive to fulfil his desires. He told Arjuna that the soul is immortal whereas this body is perishable. Thus, he should not get worried about the death of Drona and Bhishma. Thus, immortality of soul has been very well presented in the Gita. It has rich philosophy. It gives us peace of mind.

13. The Cinema
The cinema is the most popular means of entertainment in modern life. As soon as the film begins we are transported to another world. We forget for the moment that the men and women enacting the drama of life are nothing but moving pictures on a screen. We watch the actions of men and women with great curiousity. We forget our sorrows and share their joys. When the hero dies, we feel pity for him. We forget our cares and. anxieties when we watch a good film. Some films also teach us good lessons. They also help us in leading our life in a better way.

14. Your Favourite Game or The Game you Like Most
I like football most. It is a very popular game in our country. I like it for several reasons. It is a very interesting game. It gives us some mental, exercise, too. We have to be alert and active all the time. We need intelligence and imagination for scoring a goal. We develop fellow-feeling, a sense of co-operation and team spirit through this game. We develop good habits and manners. This game is also very cheap. Its rules are simple. We only need a playground and a leather ball with a rubber bladder for the game.

15. The Season You Like Most
Of all the seasons I like the spring most. It is the best season of the year. It is called the queen of the seasons. How beautiful the earth looks during this season! Different kinds of flowers bloom in the spring. The smiling flowers give us a lot of joy. They make us forget u: cares and anxieties. When we walk in a garden, we are filled with joy. The cuckoo is mad with joy. Its sweet notes charm us. The days of the springs are very pleasant. The spring brings beauiful sights and charming sounds. It is the season of joy. That is why I am very fond of this season.

16. The Festival I like most or An Indian Festival
India is a land of Festivals. Holi, Deepawali, Durga-Puja, etc. arc some of the festivals of Hindus. I like Holi festival most Holi is the famous festival of Hindus. It is a festival of joy and beauty. The festival adds to the beauty of the seaso i. People eat, drink and make cherry. They beat drum. They go from house to house. They use colour and ibir on the face and body of their friends and negihbours. The rich and me poor, the high and low are mad of joy. They .embrace each other. This festival marks the victory of good over evils. It reminds us of the story of Prahlad and Hiranyakashyap.

17. Friendship
In our life, which is generally full of sorrow and misery, friendship is a great blessing’. It lessens our sorrow and doubles our joys. In this world of pain and suffering, friendship provides a ray of hope There is. mutual sympathy between two friends. They share the joys and sorrows of each other. Friendship makes the tiresome journey of life pleasant. Real friendship is based on unselfishness and mutual love. A true friend is ready to make any sacrifice for his friend. He is always loyal to his friend. He admires his friend’s virtues and forgives his faults. But true friendshipis rare in this world of ours.

18. The usefulness of Electricity
Electricity is a very useful and important necessity today. People have turned it to various uses. It is used to light houses, streets and roads. It turns the fan over our heads and keeps us cool in summer. The electric light is very convenient. We press the switch and our room is at once flooded with light. Electricity drives trams, trains and other vehicles. It also cooks our food. The telephone, telegraph, cinema, radio and television are worked by electricity. Thus, electricity helps us in receiving messages from distant places. Electricity is a great friend of man. If electricity is not available, all the comforts of modem life will lose their meaning.

19. Walking
Walking is a good exercise and everyone can practise it without any trouble. It improves our health and refreshes our mind. It suits both the olS and the young. But it is quite necessary for the weak and old persons. It is equally suitable for the people engaged in mental work. Walking is entertaining orfly when we walk in company of friends. Walking with friends has its own pleasure which can only be felt, not described. Some people like to walk alone. It is the only form of exercise that is good for children, women and the convalescents alike. One who misses it, perhaps misses a lot of good things.

20. The Importance of Discipline
Discipline is necessary in every walk of life. In fact, discipline adds to our success. Without discipline our social life will be sad and disorderly, Discipline is the most important factor behind the progress of any nation. It is necessary in schools. Students must be disciplined because ‘hey are the future citizens of their country. If the drivers do not obey the rules of the road, it may be dangerous to move on the road. Can a family be happy if all members refuse to obey the head of the family? If the soldiers lack discipline, they will lose a battle. So, discipline is absolutely essential for life.

21. The Importance of Games and Sports
Games and sports are vital in our life. Like food and drink, they are also very important. Life is dull without games. Games and sports develop in us a sense of fellow-feeling. They train our minds and shape our thinking. A real sportsman is a true gentleman. Games and sports inculcate in us the spirit of co-operation, discipline, honesty and sportsmanship. A sportsman has a healthy spirit of competition. He plays for the sake of playing and is never jealous of others.

22. Television
Television is one of the wonders of science. It is very common and popular these days. It means distant vision. It receives and transmits visual vision. It enables the people to see whatever happens in qNifcmnt parts of the country and the world. Now, it has become a majeyjprm of media communication. The games and sports held in India and abroad are presented to us on television. Sitting at home we can enjoy them. Now, it is a great means of education. It can educate the students about tbjs.latest discoveries of science and technology. It is also good for farmers. It educates the fanners about the latest technical devices of agriculture. There are some disadvantages of television. Some people do nothing but watch the television. It causes unnecessary wastage of time and energy. But advantages of T.V. are more than the disadvantages.

23. Health is Wealth
We all know the saying Health is wealth. Health is the most precious thing in human life. Life without good health is no life at all. An unhealthy man leads a miserable life. He may be rich, but he finds no pleasure in life. His life becomes a burden to him. A healthy man can achieve success by dint of hard work. Good health is the key to success in life. The real wealth of man is his health. The secret of happiness in human life is good health. Without health riches are useless. So, sound health is our real treasure. We must keep ourselves fit and healthy. Good health sweetens our life and brings prosperity. “A sound mind is in a sound body” is a reality.

24. Honesty is the Best Policy
Honesty is one of the greatest virtues of man. It is very useful in human life. It makes the life of a man happy and successful. An honest man wins success and is admired by all. Honesty is the greatest source of strength. A man who is honest has nothing to fear and nothing to be ashamed of. Honesty is his greatest weapon. An honest man may not get success in the beginning, but in the long run his honesty brings name and fame. The success of a dishonest man is his failure, because in future nobody will trust him. So, honesty should be the principle of our life.

25. The Advantages of Early Rising
There are many advantages of early rising. A man who is an early riser gets time to do lots of work. In the early morning the mind is fresh. So, an early riser can do hard work more attentively. An early riser enjoys the beauty of Nature in the morning. He gets fresh morning air which keeps him fit for the whole day. Early rising is good for health. An early riser goes to bed early and sleeps well at night. An early riser can do a lot of work before the other people get up. He is healthy, happy and relaxed most of the time. So, early rising has many advantages.

26. Your Aim in Life or My Aim in Life
I want to serve my country in the best possible way. I want to become a leader for doing some useful work for my country. I find that there is a big gap between the aspirations of the masses and their fulfilment. So, it is the duty of the leaders of India to understand their aspirations and try for their fulfilment. True and good leaders are those who are always willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their people and their country. If there are no good leaders, the country may have to pass through a critical period of its history. I wish to be an honest and hardworking leader. I want to serve and do something for my country. May God make my dream come true one day.

27. The Happiest Day in Your Life
Shall I ever forget the day which brought me fortune? The memory of the happiest day in my life is still fresh in my mind. When I woke up in the morning I could not expect that it would be a lucky day. As I took a glance at the newspaper lying on the table, I found to my surprise that I had won the first prize in a lottery. My mother embraced me lovingly as I announced the news. I was beside myself with excitement. It was a stroke of luck and I had become rich in a moment. I wondered how 1 would spend that huge amount of money. I was lost in a world of dreams.

28. The Scene at a Railway Station
The Railway station is a very colourful place. It is full of life and activities. Passengers are seen walking or talking leisurely till their train arrives. With the arrival of the train, there is increase in the magnitude of noise and excitement. Every passenger is on his legs. As the train stops, everyone rushes towards the compartment. Sometimes a large number of passengers hasten towards one compartment only. The porters higgle and argue with the passengers for their charges. In the rush that follows in getting into and coming out of the compartments, pick-pockets pick the pockets of some of the passengers.

29. The Ganga
The Ganga is a holy river. It rises from the Himalayas; The Ganga flows through Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Bengal. Then it falls into the Bay of Bengal. The Ganga divides Bihar into two parts; one part is North Bihar and the other is South Bihar. There are many towns and cities on its banks. The Ganga is useful to farmers. People take a bath in it on religious occasions. The Hindus worship the Ganga and call it Ganga Mata.

30. The Importance of a Class Monitor
A class consists of at least fifty students. Every class has a monitor. The class monitor has a great importance for the maintainence of peace in the class. When the class is without a teacher, the class-monitor keeps the class in order. He has to see that no boy create nonsense in the class. If something happens bad in the class he manages it, if it is out of his control, he conforms the matter to the Headmaster. The Headmaster takes steps. The class monitor sees that no student can feel any difficulty in the class. He welcomes the teacher in the class and give him the details of the progress. A class without monitor is nothing but a family without a guardian.

31. A Student life
A student life is the future hope of a country. A student’s Kfe is very hard, He has to labour hard. No student can progress without hard labour. He is always in want of money. He has to depend on others for everything. He sometimes faces many problems. A student is the back¬bone of a country. He must get all facilities. Some students are rude. They cannot leam anything. They lose the bright future their life. Life is a learning process-. A student’s period is short. He must get free education. He must get food and cloth free of cost. We ought to help him with books and pens also.

32. My Hobby
Every man has got some hobby. Some are interested in reading novels and short stories. My hobby is to read religious books. I read the Quoran, the Gita, the Bible and so on. I get light from these books. I read some comments on these books. I am very fond of such books. Such books are full of Science, Arts, Philosophy and what not. I remain sitting at home and go on reading these books. They are of great use to us. They are full of morals.

33. Your (our) Village.
Life in our village is peaceful but not pleasant. Our village has no roads and electricity. It has no hospital and dispensary. Our village has the pleasures of nature. There are green fields looking like beautiful gardens. There are fresh air and water here. It is free from pollution. It is free from dim and bustle of the town life. We get pure milk and food. Living in a village is good for health. But we lack many things here. We are not able to get medical help in time of needs. Newspapers and magazines are not easily available here. We have no means of transport to go easily to distant places. We get letters from friends and relatives after a long delay. But there is peace and tranquillity here. Our villagers live in harmony. Thus, the life here is peaceful and happy but lacks many things of comfort and luxury.

34. A School Peon
I read in H. E. School Jamtara. It is a big school. Here are four peons. Shri Suraj Dayal is the oldest peon of my school. He is aged about fifty six. He is a matriculate. He is grave, wise and gentle. All students respect him. He is very dutiful and hardy. He has got a very good knowl-edge of the records of the school. He is a very good asset of the school. He helps the students most. He reaches school before time. He is an ideal peon.

35. My Neighbour
I live at Piro Chatra. It is a big village. Shri Lalit Singh is my neigh-bour. He lives just beside my house. He is a teacher in some high school. He is an M.A. in English and History. He is very grave and gentle. Once my father was seriously ill. He daily came to my house. He helped us with money also. He is a good friend, philosopher and guide to us. He is a solid man. He has got four sons and two daughters. They are all well behaved. His wife is very noble and gentle. We call him uncle. He is an ideal neigh-bour.

36. Our School
I am a student. I read in Zila School Ranchi. It is an old school. It was founded in 1914. One thousand boys and girls read in this school. There are 30 teachers. They are qualified. All are trained. They teach us with love and care. There is a provision for games and sports. All games are played. We take pari in it. Annual function is held every year. Good students are rewarded. It has a rich library. There is a rich science laboratory. There is a small garden in front of the school. The school has a pucca house. The rooms are airy and lighted. There is a hostel. Intelligent boys reside in it. Most of the students of our school get first division in the Secondary Board Examination. We are proud of our school.

37. Morning Walk Walking is a Good Exercise
Walking is a good exercise. Every one can do it easily. It brings energy. We can walk both the times, in morning and evening. Morning walk is the better of the two. Evening walk is also very useful. It is a very good habit. For this every one has to get up very early in the morning. He soon starts for the bank of a river, a canal or a pond. He may go to a green park in a town. There he gets fresh air. He sees the sun rise. They are very useful to health. His mind gets fresh. He can work very peacefully all day long. Walking costs us nothing. We may walk with our friends and relations. Our talks should be healthy then. Evening walk also brings sound sleep in the night.

38. Cleanliness
Cleanliness is next to godliness. Every one likes it. It removes dirts and refuses. Dirtiness-breeds diseases. It dulls our brain. A neat and clean man does anything properly. He can think well. He can do everything beautifully. Dirts and refuses should be thrown out of the house daily. We have a bath daily. We keep our body neat and clean. We clean our clothes. We sweep our floor with a broom. We should at once throw our dirts and refuses. We should not make nuisance here and there. We should clean our drains. We should advise our neighbours to do likewise. We should not go to a dirty place.

39. Discipline or Good manners or The value of discipline
Discipline means manners. It teaches us how to live a good and social life: No discipline, no life. Manners make the man. We leam discipline and manners in classes. We can’t rise in life without it. Every one hates an indisciplined man. Discipline is the best way of life. It promotes fellow feeling, intimacy and good relationship. Man is respected everywhere due to his manners. He gets elevated in life due to it. Discipline is a good action. We have to work and behave decently. This will keep us in a good position every where. Learning minus discipline is a big zero.

40. A Great National Leader of India
India is a vast country. It has been slave for long. Our national leaders and patriots made this country free. Mahatma Gandhi was the greatest of them. If it is said that one man has made this country free, the man is none but Mr. Gandhi. He is popularly called Bapujee. He was bom on the 2nd Oct. 1869. His father’s name was Karamchand Gandhi. His wife’s name was Kasturba. Kasturba was also a great patriot. She died in jail for the country. Bapujee was jailed several times. Dr Rajendra Prasad, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, Ballabh Bhai Patel, Moulana Abulkalam Azad, Subhash Chandra Bose and others were his true disciples. He got freedom by dint of his untold sacrifices. He preached non-violence, love and touchability among the people of his country. Thus he aroused the sense of nationality, brotherhood and fraternity among the people of this country. He was rightly called the father of the nation. How can we forget him in life?

41. The value of science
Today is the era of science. Science is our life. At present we cannot do without it. We need it all the time. Science has brought about untold changes in our life. Electricity, trains, planes, cars, T. V., radio and other are the main gifts of science. We are much profilled by them. Still we lag behind most of the other countries of the world in science. Our life is now fast. We have to finish so many things in a very short period. We have to apply the scientific method in all walk of life. Then we can fully progress in life. Science has proved a great boon to the society.

42. Your Principal or Headmaster
I am a pupil at a high School. There are sixteen teachers. One is head. He is called headmaster. His name is Shri Rajendra Singh. He is a trained M. A. His knowledge is-deep. He has a taste for poetry. He teaches well. He is a good manager. He keeps the house neat and clean. He has a strong sense of discipline. He obeys rules. Others follow him. So there is peace in the school. Good boys love him. Teachers respect him. People honour him. He punishes bad boys. To spare the rod is to spoil the child, he knows it. Sometimes he takes the classes. He inspires his teachers for better performance in the class. He is a man of plain living and high thinking.

43. Deepawali
Deepawali is a great festival of the Hindus. It is celebrated in the month of Kartik. It is the day of happiness and joy. On this very day, Lord Ram returned from the forest. We celebrate Deepawali in the memory of that incident. Every house is cleaned and white washed. Houses are lighteq with earthen lamps, candles or electric bulbs. We worship goddess Lakshmi also on the day. Lakshmi is goddess of wealth. Businessmen renew their account- books etc. Children play with crackers etc. Sweets are distributed in all the houses.

44. A Hospital
Hospital is a place where patients are treated. Here we find doctors and nurses. They go from one patient to another. They examine them, give them medicines and listen to their problems. A hospital presents the real picture of human suffering. There are various wards for different diseases. Children ward, Surgery ward, Medical ward, Eye ward, ENT ward, Emergency ward etc. are common in any hospital. There is a paying ward also. All facilities are available in a big hospital. Expert and specialist doctors treat the patients properly and in their own way. All modem and latest machines and tools are available in better hospitals. So, a hospital is of great importance to us.

45. My School Garden
My school garden wears different looks in different parts of the year reflecting the methods of the different seasons. The scorching heat of the summer sun favours the multi-coloured portulacas, the lilies and the flowering trees .that stand at the edge of the large garden boundary. The “Gul-Mohar” sparks its blazing glory while the ‘Golden labumam’ does not fall to lag behind. The trailing glory of the varied colourd Bougain-villaea are refreshing for the tired eyes. But it is winter that transforms our garden into a paradise with lush blooms of Chrysanthe¬mums, Dahlss, Salvias planted in skillfully organised manner. The borders of candy-tufls, phlox and verbinas call attention to themselves. But the bed of flowers that invitability takes our breath away with its heady perfumes and riot of colours is-of course, our most beloved the Rose.

46. Our School Library
Our School has a library. It is not in good condition. The library is without a full time librarian. The library-in-charge is also busy otherwise there is no reading room. The books also are old. So we must improve it. There should be a trained librarian. The library and reading room should be sunny and airy. There should be funds for new and good books. Newspapers and magazines should be available in the library. Every student should get books from the library. In this way our poor school library can be improved.

47. A Foot-ball Match
Only yesterday I witnessed a very interesting football-match. It was between our school and B. N. Collegiate. These two schools clashed in the final of Sri. R. N. Cup Tournament. The match started at 4 p.m. There was a big crowd to witness the match. The play was scoreless till the interval. After that collegiate boys scored a field goal. But about two minutes before the final whistle, our school boys equalised it. Then the extra time was given, Both the teams were good. They did their best to win. But our team won the match by two goals to one. It was a very exciting match.

48. My Daily Life (My Daily Routine)
I am a student. I live in a village with my parents. I am an early- riser. I get up at 5 A.M. everyday. Then I attented the call of nature. I wash my hands and feet. Then I clean my teeth. I have my bath. I get my snack. I sit down for my studies. I finish my home task. I do my class lesson. I have my meal. I go to school on foot. I return home by 4.30 P.M. I play some games with my friends. I sit at a table again. I do my lessons till 9 P.M. Then I take my supper. I go to bed by ten, I pray to God. I get tired by that time. So I have a sound sleep at night. Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

49. The Bullock Cart
A bullock-cart is an old conveyance. Two bullocks pull it. A man prods them. He is called carter. It is found mostly in villages. It is a must for farmers. It is very useful for them. It is the only means of transport in the villages. Farmers load the cart with seeds, fertilizers and pumping set. They take the loaded cart to distant fields. They bring their reaped crops to the farm with it. Roads in the village are outof repairs. They are dusty in summer. They become muddy in the rainy season. Only the bullock- cart can .move on them. The up-keep of it is easy and cheap. Farmers cannot ‘do without it.

50. “An Ideal Student” or, “The Most Popular Students of Your School”.
I read in Town H.E. School Sahebganj. Here are about two thousand students. All are good. Ram Nath Prasad is the most popular stu¬dent of my school. He is very intelligent and dcligent. He is tall and handsome. He never shirk labour. He always stands first in his class. He is very obedient, social, noble, brave and patient. He takes an active part in the game and the sports of the school. He is good player of foot-ball and volley ball specially. He is never absent from the class. All teachers love him most. He is sure to rise in life. He is certainly an ideal student.

51. Holi Celebrations in My Colony or Festival of Holi
Holi is a festival which I wait for the whole year, it’s indeed, a great pleasure to sprinkle coloured water on those whom you love and respect. This year’s Holi was also a memorable occasion. Early in the morning, boys of the colony gathered at different spots and would not let any passer-by go scot free. Some friends came from other colonies too and we enjoyed colouring one another’s face. We returned to ourplaces at about 2 o’clock in the afternoon. I had to spend a long time in the bathroom getting rid of the colours on the face and hands. Bath over and mother served the delicious food made specially to celebrate Holi. After a nap, all members of my family dressed up for an outing. We went to the houses of our friends giving them Holi gifts. We came back home in a very happy frame of mind.

52. A Picnic Party
Last Sunday we enjoyed a picnic on the bank of the river Damodar. We were a party of ten. We collected fifty rupees each and bought sweets, biscuits and fruits etc. We carried tea-things with us. We reached Rajrappa on our mobikes. The weather was cloudly. A cool breeze was blowing. We placed our things under a tree and began to play. We sat in a circle and enjoyed eating and drinking. Then there followed an interesting programme. Rinku sang a sweet song. Bhalloo gave a dance. It was evening. We came back with happy memories.

53. Value of Games
Games are an important part of our life. They are very important for the students. Out-door games help us to keep healthy. The games teach us to work and enjoy together. For no game can be played alone. Games create in us a spirit of discipline also. While playing the games, we have to follow the rules strictly. These days, our country needs good players. Our record in games has been far from good so far. We should understand the value of games. In fact, the games should be made compulsory for every student.

54. The Wonders of Science
Modem science is a house of wonders and miracles. It is far more powerful than Aladdin’s lamp. It does unheard of functions. Science has put into the hands of man powers which earlier only gods and angles had. Just imagine, we can swim like fish and fly like birds and run like rabbits. Our voices travel along the wires with the speed of electricity. Man has physi-cally reached the moon. We can see live telecast of Olympic Games and cricket matches. Television is one of the most delightful wonders of science. Electronics is the latest miracle of our age. Computers work faster and more efficiently than any human brain. The list of the wonderful inventions of science is limitless.

55. Your Visit to a Historical Place
A visit to a place of historical interest is a new experience, it is pleasant and educative. Last year, I had a chance to go to Agra. Agra has many buildings of historic interest. The most famods among them is Taj Mahal. It was a moonlit night when I saw the Taj. The words cannot express the beauty. The white marble looked like silver, reflection of the main building in water was as enchanting as the building itself. The walls of the building are decoratede with beautiful carvings. Shah Jahan built it in the memory of his queen Mumtaz Mahal. This is certainly the greatest memorial ever built.

56. A Visit to a Book Fair
There was held a Book Fair in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi in Au¬gust, 2004. Our class teacher organised a visit to it. So one Sunday we were taken to it. I was amazed to see hundreds of publishers and booksellers participating in it. There were thousands of books displayed. All the books had attractive designs. Almost all the subjects had been covered by these Jxxtks. There were children’s books all round. I wanted to buy some general books. But their prices were very high. Visiting the Fair was indeed an experience in itself.

57. Dowry System in India
Giving and receiving of dowry is,a social evil and a crime. Almost every eligible boy has a price. His parents dictate the terms and demand dowry in the form of cash and kind. Such demands put the poor father of the girl in a tight comer. He may beg, borrow or steal but he has to spend for his daughter’s marriage -The bride is tortured and even burnt alive. Isn’t it possible to finish this evil? Perhaps, we can check it to some extent through laws and proper education.

58. If I were the Principal of My School
All students are terribly afraid of their Principals. The Principal commands a certain fear around him. It may be due to the fact that he loves education. He wants his students to progress much in life. Well, if I were the Principal of my school. I would endear myself to all my students. I would see that they arc not afraid Of me. I would sec that their hidden talents are recognised properly. In short, I would like to be a friends, philosopher and guide to my students.

59. An Ideal Teacher
The ideal persons are rare in any field of life. It is more so in the field of education. The reason is not far to seek. We expect too much from the teachers. However, the teachers are a part of the society. An ideal teacher is one Who loves to learn and to teach. Yet most teachers are today devoted to money and honour. The society must provide these two things unasked to them. Only then can it expect to have ideal teachers.

60. An Ideal Citizen
An ideal citizen is he who remembers his duties towars the society. Ideal citizens are rare. We read about them only in stories, believe it is not impossible to become an ideal citizen. One needs to have firm determina-tion. Our selfishness will like us to go astray. Yet the lives of greatmen teach us that no one can become great without facing great difficulties. If these greatmen suffered so much, what do our petty sufferings matter?

61. My Best Friend
I am fortunate that I have many friends. Rakesh is my best friend. I like his company because our interests are alike. He is humorous but not cheap. He is clean in his dress, speech and habits. He comes of a middle class family but he has set his aims high. He inspires me to study, to play and to think. Our attraction for each other is mutual. Our friendship is the envy of my classmates. It is not based on any selfish motive. I can do him any service.

62. The Night Before the Examination
The night before the examination is really painful. The students have no sleep. They are full of tension. They want to read and revise everything during the night. They are greatly disturbed if one tells them about a certain question. They at once read for its answer. The students, thus, pass the whole night before the examination in tension. Their worried faces tell a sad story about them. Even if they have prepared tnoroughiy for the examination, the fearof examination is on their faces.

63. Work is Worship
We worship God for all that He has blessed us with. We seek his blessings. We worship great men and noble souls who did a lot to make this world worth-living. Mere words and idle worship lead us nowhere. We must put in hard work. This is the best form of worship. Praying to God and doing nothing is not real worship. We should work honestly and with a will. Our success in life depends on the work we put in. Hard work will bear fruit and change this world into a paradise.

64. A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing
We must prepare well before we start doing anything. The prepara-tion means to learn about the job. Otherwise, we are likely to spoil it. For example, a doctor must have full knowledge of the disease and the medicine. Unless he has got it, he should not try to cure a patient. In that case, instead of curing, his treatment can kill a patient. In the same way, a teacher must prepare his lesson well. In case he teaches only with a little knowledge, his students will never be able to follow him. In fact, no knowledge is better than incomplete knowledge.

65. Life in a big city
Life in a big city is full of glamour and is very alluring. There .no magnificent buildings, broad roads, electric lights, water pipes, well done rated shops, swift conveyance, parks, cinema houses etc. There are also mills and factories. All these dazzle the eyes of new comers to the city. We find novelty in everything. From time to time circus, drama parties and exhibitions visit the city and provide diversion to the people. Then there are football, Tennis and cricket matches, public meetings by eminent persons. But unfortunately we find soulless people in the city. They turn into something like a machine.

66. An Accident
There occurred a serious accident yesterday evening in our colony. A car was coming with a great speed. Suddenly there came a truck from the opposite direction. The car driver tried to overtake another car before him. But the car struck the truck direct. The driver died on the spot. The car was smashed up completely. The truck driver had no fault. He was driving at the normal speed.

67. Values of Trees in our life
Trees are as important to life as oxygen. Their benefits are too many. These can’t be counted. Trees provide fuel, fodder, furniture, fruits, oxygen, shelter to birds and animals etc. The most important is oxygen. Trees consume carbon dioxide and change it into oxygen. Then they provide beauty to the landscape. Without oxygen we can’t live for more than one minute. They keep ecological balance of nature. They bring rain. Without this, there is no life.

68. A Hot Summer Day
This year in Jharkhand summer was very hot. June and July are the hottest months. Twenty third June was the hottest day this year. At noon sun was pouring fire. Outside it was really very hot. There were fewer people on the roads. Birds and animals had taken shelter in a shady place. All the people perspired. Life seemed to have stopped. It was really very very hot day. The heat was unbearable.

69. A Visit to Zoo
Last Sunday my friends and I visite’d the Zoo. We bought the tickets and entered it. We saw various birds. They looked very beautiful. Their chirping charmed us greatly. Then we saw various monkeys. They gave us pleasure by their chattering. We also saw a gorilla. All the visitors were attracted to it. Crocodiles, elephants, tigers, lions, snakes and blue bulls looked fearsome. We were greatly excited to see them. We returned home in the evening.

70. The Person I like Most
I like my English teacher the most. She is very intelligent. She is a lady of great wisdom. Her method of teaching is very good. We understand easily what she teaches. She gives many examples from real life. She is very smart. She has a soft heart. She helps us with books. She is a very kind lady. She is polite too. We all love her very much.

71. A Rainy Day
A rainy day in summer is a great blessing. Last year the summer in Delhi was unusually hot. Hot winds continually blew from morning till evening. Nights, too, were close and stuffy. Hopeful eyes fixed at the sky prayed to God to have pity. God perhaps did listen and on the 18th of June; some clouds were seen gathering in the sky. There was joy all around. It started pouring soon. The showers came as a great relief to the perspiring persons. Very soon there was knee-deep water everywhere. Old and young played and bathed in the fain. Mangoes were readily in demand. When ilie- rain stopped, there was a rainbow in the sky. Heat had gone. All enjoy is a sound sleep at night.

72. A visit of a hostorical place
Last year I went to Agra. It has many buildings of historica interest. The most famous is Taj Mahal. I was greatly impressed to see The white marble looks like silver. The four minerets add to its glory. grassy lawns look very beautiful. The water canal adds beauty to the whole place. The Taj is like a dream in the moon-lit night. I can not forget my visit to Taj Mahal.

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