Bihar Board Class 6 English Essay Writing

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BSEB Bihar Board Class 6 English Essay Writing

1. My father

My father is a graduate. He is a high school teacher. He teaches English. He has a command over his subject. He is a very successful teacher. He speaks very well. He loves his students. he always tries to remove their difficulties. So, he is very popular among them. They give him high respect. He enjoys the same high respect at home. He is a very good husband and father. He loves us much. He always thinks of our welfare (भलाई). We love him and respect him. I think very few fathers are like him.

2. My Brother

I have only one brother. He is the elder (उमा मेरे बाड़ा). My father is no more (‘जीवित नहीं हैं ). He is a farmer. He is very hardworking. He has made our family prosperous (खुशहाल) by his hard work. He manages (संभालते) the household well. Nobody has ever any grievance (शिकायत) against him. He pays particular attention to my studies. He is ever ready to spend any amount on my education. In fact, I never feel that I am without a father. All brothers should be like him.

3. My Mother

My mother is a very good women. She is a graduate. My father has been posted at a far-off place. So, she has to look after the family. She cooks the food herself. She washes the clothes herself. She keeps the house neat and clean. She loves us much. She is very particular about our health and studies. She always asks us to avoid bad company (संगति). She wants to see us rise in our lives. We love and respect her. She is an ideal (उदास) mother

4. My friend

Dinesh is my friend. He is very good. He comes of a rich family. But he does not pride himself on it (इस पर करता है). He is very gentle and sociable (मिलनसार). He is ever smiling. He is very studious (अध्ययनशील). But, above all (अध्ययनशील), he is good – hearted. He always helps his friends. Whenever I am in need of money, he helps me. he thinks that · friendship is a precious thing in life. Because of these virtues, he is liked and loved by all his friends. Such friends are rare.

5. My Neighbor

If you have a good neighbor, you are really very lucky. I am very lucky in this respect. Shri Arbind Narayan Sinha is my neighbor. he is an engineer. His wife and children too are good. They are gentle and well-behaved. They always try to live in place with their neighbors. Besides, they are very sociably (मिलनसार) and helpful. They are always ready to help their neighbors. All the neighbors like Mr. sinha and his family. Because of their goodness, we always live in peace with one another. All neighbors should be like Mr. Sinha:

6. Our Headmaster

Shree Binay Swaroop is the Headmaster of our school. He is a very qualified (174) man. He is an M.A. in English. He speaks English fluently (धारा-प्रवाह). He has a good command over Hindi also. He teaches us both English and Hindi. He is a very good teacher. He teaches us in a very simple way. We easily learn what he teaches. Besides this, he is also a very strict disciplinarian (अनुशासक). He punishes those who violate discipline. He is a good administrator (सासाक). Because of him, our school has become a model (उदास) one

7. Our Class Teacher

Shree Virendra kumar Singh is our class teacher. He is an M.A. in Hindi. He speaks Hindi very well. His voice is very sweet. So, when he speaks, he casts a spell (उसने एक जादू कर दिया) over us. He becomes a magician (जादूगर) in the class room. We listen to him with rapt attention (ध्यान). He is also a very good human being. He is very affectionate (स्नेही) to us. He loves us like his own children. We also love and give him high respect. He is an ideal teacher. Every teacher should be like him.

8. Our School

The name of our school is Loyola high School, Patna. It is situated (परिस्थिति) is Patliputra Clony. It is one of the best school of Patna.It has beautiful buildings. The mango trees in the lawn add to its beauty. Though it is a private school, the fee is moderate. Its teacher are qualified and competent (सक्षम). The discipline in the school is very strict. Admission in this school is made on merit. Because of the quality of its teaching , the result of our school every year is excellent. We are very proud of our school.

9. My Village”

The name of my village is Chinaware. It is in the Bhojpur district. Its location (स्थान) is very beautiful. On the western side of the village is a canal (नहर). On the eastern side is a big mango grove (बगीचा). The green fields and the mango grove enhance (बढ़ाने) its natural beauty. The canal is a boon (वरदान) for the village. It has made the farmers prosperous (समृद्ध). The families spend and  is my village. There are also village in the area.

10. My House

My house is a small one. It was built by my grandfather (दादा). There are two bed rooms in it. There is one big guest room. The store room and kitchen are of moderate (उदारवादी) size. There are two latrines and two bath rooms. There is also a dining-hall. All the rooms are very airy (Gay). The house faces the south (दक्षिण). This protects us form the summer heat. In winter, we get the sun (धूप) all day. It is a very comfortable (आराम) house. It is a joy to live in it.

11. Village Life

Village life is better than town life. Villagers live a simple life. They are simple kin their dress. They are simple in their way of living. They are simple in their thinking. They are not very ambitious (महत्त्वकांक्षी). So they are free from strain (तनाव). Hence their life is peaceful. They live in the company of nature. They see lovely natural sights. They hear sweet songs of birds. They get pure air to breathe (साँस लेना). They get fresh vegetables (सब्जियां) and milk. In short, village life is a happy life.

12. Town Life

I do not like town life. I like green fields. I like trees. I like canals (नहर) and ponds (तालाब). I like orchads (फल के बागीचे). But they are to be found in villages, not in towns. Moreover, one feels suffocation (घुटन) in towns. We do not get fresh air to breathe. There is a lot of pollution (प्रदूषण). People are always busy. They live a life of tension (तनाव). Their life is self centred (आत्म-केन्द्रित). Even the neighbours do not know each other. A poet has eighty said that man made the town, God made the country (देश).

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